Alcohol Awareness Week educates

Alcohol and college are a common combination. Students both of and under the age tend to drink sometimes.

Every year, UAA gets the opportunity to host Alcohol Awareness Week, an annual event that is designed to help students develop a good understanding of how to drink responsibly.

This series of events is part of nationally recognized National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week program.

Amanda Murdock, UAA’s alcohol, drug & wellness Educator, assists UAA students who have drinking problems.

“I see students and have information they need to get help,” Murdock said. “I’ve received phone calls from students saying, ‘I need help with my drinking.’”

Although drinking is a part of many college students’ live, numbers indicate that UAA doesn’t have many students with drinking problems.

“Most students at UAA drink responsibly. Studies show that 80 percent of UAA students did not binge drink in the last two weeks.”

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Every year during Alcohol Awareness Week, there is a new theme. This year’s theme was called “A Shot of Reality” and took place last week.

During the week, Murdock gave a calorie count presentation, highlighting the amount of calories in alcohol, such as cocktails and beer.

After each calorie count presentation, another activity called “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl,” helped students avoid being that one person at a party who drinks irresponsibly.

Complimentary Playing cards were given out to students, with examples of “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl” scenarios printed on them.

Shots of hot chocolate were also offered to students, and a lot of the students responded well to the warm alternative, Murdock said.

The Student Health and Counseling Center did a “Drunken Mario Cart” activity, demonstrating how vision is impaired when driving drunk.

For residential students, there was a similar activity called “Dunk it,” where people put on drunk goggles and tried to shoot a basketball point, comparing it to the impaired vision of someone under the influence.

This event goes on only once a year, but Murdock is still available to talk during the semester via appointment for anyone who needs to talk about or receive help for drinking, drugs or any other sort of wellness issues.

For information about Alcohol Awareness at UAA or to make an appointment, contact Murdock at 907-786-1511 or at [email protected]