Alaska’s hip-hop is ready to explode

Finally, there is hip-hop with manners. The best part is that It’s right here in Anchorage. Founded by local emcee Odyssey, Indefinate Etticate is on the rise. Their mission: hip-hop with a message.

“Its not the radio shake ya booty kind of [stuff],” Odyssey said. “I have a message I want to get across. It’s not all super serious, there’s some funny stuff too.”

Odyssey went to West High School, where he got his start. He would freestyle with friends and eventually met Dr. Hayden. Together, they formed AKMCS. After doing music for some snowmobile videos, and touring Alaska and Canada, AKMCS collaborated with Strictly Stereo and Silonz to create lyrical thunderstorm: Hip Hop Anonymous.

Odyssey broke off from the group to pursue a solo career and met beat creator, Ken Houston. After picking up DJ Solo to operate the turntables, Indefinate Etticate was born. The group released their second CD, ‘Simple Creatures’, in 2007, and at least one more is on the way. The new album features many beats from DJ Solo.

All of their previous records have been on Odyssey’s label, Evil Agency Records. Evil Agency is considered an independent or an “indie” label. A company is only completely independent once they are able to manufacture all of their products without any outside help.

“I’d like Evil Agency Records to go fully independent,” Odyssey said. “I’m starting to stockpile everything you need for that, like sticker machines and record copiers. I want to take it as far as I can.”

Even though he aims high, Odyssey still knows where he is from. He represents his state in almost all of his songs and has pride for his home. If Evil Agency expands, he wants to keep the center of operations right here in Alaska.

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“It’s always going to be home here,” Odyssey said. “I’d really like to see the Alaska hip-hop scene expand a little bit. I’m stoked to see people get more interested and into it.”

Whether you’ve seen it or not, the hip-hop scene here in Anchorage is getting bigger. Over the past two years acts such as Tech N9ne, E-40, Too Short, Atmosphere, and D4L have come here, and things are just starting. On Sept. 25, Tech N9ne is coming back and Indefinate Etticate is opening for the show.

“We actually opened for Tech9 last year,” Odyssey said. “Hopefully this show will be bigger and better. Last time it was in the basement of Club Millennium. That was a little cramped, so we get more space this time.”

Indefinate Etticate is about to get a lot more space. With the increasing local interest, the group is booking gigs everywhere around Anchorage and the valley. Even though they have a lot going on right now, their sights are set on the future.

“I’d like to go on tour. For me, it’s all about the live shows. I write music so I can perform it live,” Odyssey said. “We are also featured on some extreme sports movies coming out soon. I want to do more of that. Basically, [we want to] keep doing what we’re doing, just on a bigger scale.”

IE (Indefinate Etticate) is influenced by artists like Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Grey Skull and KRS-One. They have opened for many different acts including: Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Abstract Rude, Chali 2Na from Jurassic 5, Zion-I, 36 Crazyfists and Delmag.

“I’ve always considered myself diverse,” Solo said. “I try to keep things fresh, and look for new sounds. I collect a lot of old records and mix them together to create new sounds you’ve never heard before.”

If you haven’t heard them before, their music is online at You can also buy their CD at After the Sept. 25 show, their next appearance will be at Platinum Jaxx on Oct. 30. And Odyssey promises one thing:

“We keep the records coming as fast as we can make it, we’re no half-steppers. If people haven’t heard about us yet, they will soon.”

For more information on the band, visit their website at