Alaskans, Hollywood and the media on welcoming President Trump

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States is just around the corner. The commencement will take place on Jan. 20 and will mark the four-year term of Donald Trump as President of the United States, alongside Vice President Mike Pence.

To no surprise, skepticism surrounding Trump’s presidency has been a major topic of discussion in the media. The inauguration underway has only enhanced the chaos in America, which may be influenced by a variety of artists, actors and musicians.

A number of the A-list celebrities in the spotlight were not shy in their support for President Barack Obama, and many were quick to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign, leaving Trump’s following in Hollywood sparse.

In an effort to line up performances for the 2017 inauguration, the inaugural committee has faced trouble in finding a lineup for the festivities. Many musicians have denied requests to perform at the event, and even more entertainers have publicly shared their refusal to contribute.

The entertainment industry is known for their liberal label, while the majority choose to endorse the more adequate candidate for their party. Previous republican inaugurals, including most recently George W. Bush’s, did not face the trouble that Trump is facing in finding entertainers to perform.

There are just four main performances confirmed for the official inaugural event. These include Jackie Evancho, the Radio City Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Missouri State University Chorale.

Even the confirmed acts have raised controversy, with fans and in the media, the consent to perform at Trump’s celebration has raised question for those in the limelight.

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Despite news outlets and many celebrities feeling negatively towards the president-elect, many conservatives see the media as the problem.

Ryan McKee, president of Anchorage Young Republicans, will be in Washington D.C. for the inauguration and is eager to see Trump’s presidency celebrated and not looked over.

“I feel that Trump could walk on water and cure cancer and the media and celebrities would find a way to scrutinize him. The media from the beginning covered him because they believed he was a joke. After winning the primary, they realized he was not and began their onslaught of attacks on him. Despite the mountains of scandals the Clintons were part of, none of that ever made it through the news cycle aside from Fox News,” McKee said. “If Clinton had won and companies were doing what they are now, announcing their return, it would be trumpeted on every news station around the country. They would be ecstatic and give credit to Clinton. However because she did not win, it is being shoved to the bottom of the stack. Instead, CNN, for example, goes out and tries to dig up anything they can on President Trump, including a false report that they and Buzzfeed spread as truth. They are now in a world of hurt, because it was easily proven that they were given false information yet chose to still run the article.”

McKee believes that those with big names in Hollywood do not have the understanding to analyze politics.

“They [celebrities] sit atop their perch talking about equal rights and equal pay… while sitting in their $100 million mansion. They cry for gun control, yet have armed guards wherever they go. No matter how many poorly done videos they produce begging people to ‘vote their conscience,’ most voters see right through this, and in this case, elected Donald Trump,” McKee said.

Although many uphold significant social platforms, McKee does not think that the media, musicians or actors are capable of impacting Trump’s future presidency.

“The media will try to smear anything he does and the celebrities will follow suit. But after a while, the voters will grow tired of hearing the same talking points. And if we are able to turn this country around and undo some of the disasters the previous administration put in place, I feel that President Trump will be able to defend himself through his actions and he will not need to cater to the media or celebrities,” McKee said.

The inauguration will air on most major news networks Friday, Jan. 20.