USUAA shuffles leadership

KRUA Station Manager Audri Pleas leads the discussion with USUAA’s new President Drew Lemish at a press conference Thursday, August 29th. (Photo by Cory Hester)

In the wake of former USUAA President Andrew Lessig’s resignation, former Vice President Drew Lemish has taken over the position. Lemish explained the transition at a press conference on August 29th.

“[Lessig] saw it as a right decision for the organization to go further, so he decided to resign.” said Lemish.

Andrew Lessig had cited an inability to keep up with the demands of being USUAA president as a reason for stepping down.

USUAA had negligent attendance over the summer session. As a result there were no official meetings, with the exception of two late August.

Drew Lemish is focusing on rebuilding the organization. He is actively looking for a vice president to help him develop his student-focused platform.

View the complete press conference on YouTube: