Alaska State Fair concert insider

The start of any fall semester at UAA also marks the start of the Alaska State Fair. If you find yourself already needing a break after syllabus week, consider going to one of the twelve concerts that the State Fair has lined up. Beginning August 25 and continuing through September 5, there will be a different musician, band or comedian featured each day. Whether you are an avid country fan or your music taste tends to fall into the indie-alternative genre, there is at least one performance that should grasp your interest.

Here is the full concert lineup and a small sneak peak of what each act’s music might sound like:

8/25: Home Free – A five-person a capella group, falling into the genre of a country vocal style. This group is known for winning season 4 of NBC’s Sing Off. They have since released their debut album, and have been touring all summer.

Home Free
Photo credit: Jenn McInnis

8/26: X Ambassadors – This band comes from New York, and aims for more of an alternative rock sound. Influences for this band’s debut album, “VHS,” are bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus.

Photo credit: Abby Gillardi

8/27: The Band Perry – An American Country-style trio, based in Nashville, Tennessee. This band formed in 2010, and has since released three studio albums. While The Band Perry is without a doubt a country group, they tend to surprise listeners with rock influences throughout their music.

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the band perry.jpg
Photo credit: burningkarma

8/28: KONGOS – An alternative rock band consisting of four brothers. This band is originally from South Africa, but is now based in Arizona.

Kongos_2013 2.jpg
Photo credit: Steve from Austin, TX, USA

8/29: Cheech and Chong – Going back on tour after 25 years, these are two well known comedians from the ’70s and ’80s bringing their stand up routine to Alaska. Their comedy tends to center around the hippie era, and, hence the stage names, their love for cannabis.

Photo credit: William Morris Agency

8/30: Old Dominion – This is a more modern sounding country group, with rock and pop influences sprinkled in. They have had multiple top 10 hits since their formation in 2007 and are known for being well-recognized song writers in the country world as well.

old dominion album.jpg

8/31: Thousand Foot Krutch – A Canadian rock group formed in 1995. This band has since released eight albums, all with various songs that made them the well known band they are today.

Photo credit: Stewx

9/1: G-Eazy – A solo rap artist, from the bay area of San Francisco. He has released two albums since the start of his career, and has had many chart topping hits.

Photo credit: Tiffany Ronquillo

9/2: Volbeat – Originally from Copenhagen, this Danish band blends sounds of heavy metal with early rock music, forming a very unique sound.

Photo credit: Sven Mandel

9/3: Randy Houser – A country singer and songwriter, known for his number one hit ballads, such as “Runnin Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss.”

Photo credit: Michael R. Holzworth

9/4: Pat Benatar – An incredibly well known female rock vocalist, with four Grammy’s to show for her chart topping albums over the last few decades.

Photo credit: Alamo25

9/5: Andy Grammer – A solo pop artist, with influences like John Mayer and Jason Mraz. With two studio albums released, he has had multiple songs become go-to’s on the radio.

Photo credit: Justin Higuchi

Go to the link below if you want to further inquire about any of these musicians, a playlist might be just what you need to prep for whichever show you end up at.