Alaska Airlines Center Fitness Room Hours Not Enough

UAA students living in the residence halls have expressed concern over the accessibility of the new student fitness room in the Alaska Airlines Center.

The fitness space, located in the northwest corner of the building, is a convenient 10-minute walk for UAA students in campus housing. It offers a fresh and clean feel to students working out, an environment more conducive to drawing students off the couch.

“Instead of going once or twice a week (to work out), I probably go three to four times, said Hayleigh Stephens, Residential Hall Association president. “It is more supportive of a healthy lifestyle, and I don’t think anyone would disagree that we want residents to be healthier.

However, the center is only open on the weekdays to students, limiting the flexibility of a given student’s workout schedule.

“You have to go everyday if you want to work out five days a week, since there is no option for the weekend when students are most free to work out,” said Stephens.

To gauge student interest of the issue, RHA polled residents, placing a sheet of paper in each of the three residence halls. The poll said, “Would you like the Alaska Airlines Center Fitness Room to be open on weekends?” and lines below for student signatures.

Soon, all three sheets of paper were filled with signatures, totaling well over 100.

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The recreational sports branch of UAA Athletics, who supervises both the Wells Fargo Sports Complex and AAC Fitness Room, confirmed they are aware of the student concern and are optimistic about a solution in the future. The specific reasons about why the fitness room is closed on weekends could not be discussed in public.