A guy’s guide to romance movies

Okay guys, here’s the deal.
“Chick fl icks” aren’t just for the
ladies. Sure, the gals enjoy them
more than you, but did you know
that when a female watches a
romantic movie, she is more in the
mood for love afterwards? That’s
right! So get your gal to watch a
rom-com and you’re more than
likely to reap the benefi ts yourself
afterwards with a little snuggling.
And what better time to track
down a good romantic fl ick than
Valentine’s Day? What’s that? You
don’t know where to start? Let me
give you a few pointers.
While it might exceed your
comfort zone, a good romance
will make the ladies cry. This
is not a bad thing if you can be
there to console her. If you can
handle a musical, the classic
“Rose Marie” (1936) about a
Canadian Mountie and an Opera
singer is one of those star-crossed
lovers tales with a happy ending.
Speaking of musicals, if you can
handle a slightly quirky sense of
humor “Moulin Rouge” (2001)
is another female favorite about
star-crossed lovers, though this
one does not have a happy ending.
Another classic worth renting is
“An Affair to Remember” (1957)
with the dashing Carey Grant and
the lovely Deborah Kerr. This one
is more of a tragedy than comedy,
but it defi nitely has a happy
ending. Finally, if you’re looking
for something more modern “P.S.
I Love You” (2007) is a great way
to go. It will have you laughing
more than crying as this one takes
the comedy angle seriously.
But perhaps getting your gal to
cry isn’t your bag. Maybe you’d
rather have a fl ick that will leave
the both of you laughing. “Bridget
Jones’s Diary” (2001) is a must.
Its funny and the loveable heroine
has you rooting for her love life
right up till the end. “Someone
Like You” (2001) is another great
one and has the added benefi t
of being Hugh Jackman’s fi rst
serious movie role after he played
Wolverine. “Something’s Gotta
Give” (2003) with Jack Nicholson
is very funny and you can’t beat
Jack. If you need something a tad
bit more manly, however, either
“When Harry Met Sally” (1989)
or “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993)
will do. They both have the male’s
perspective woven throughout
their stories, and just about
anything with Meg Ryan will be a
favorite with the ladies.
Yet if you just can’t get behind
those fi lms because they’re still
too girly for you, then “Defi nitely,
Maybe” (2008) might work as the
main character in this romantic
comedy is a male. And if you
really need more testosterone, you
can always go with “Last of the
Mohicans” (1992). It’s got plenty
of blood and action to keep you
satisfi ed; yet it’s also got period
romance to make your lady
If you’re brave enough to show
your gentler side, however, then
you might be brave enough to go
where most men don’t dare. If
you’re really seeking to impress,
then you might try a period
romance like “Pride and Prejudice”
(2005) or “Sense and Sensibility”
(1995). Yes, you might be bored
to tears at the ancient cultural
nuances in the fi lm that your gal
is raving about, but trust me, the
ladies are suckers for historical
romances. And if you really want
to amaze your gal, you can always
go with an artsy foreign fl ick like
“Amelie” (2001) about a quirky
set of oddball characters that are
destined to be together. You might
hate reading subtitles as you watch
the fi lm, but your gal is going to be
astonished that you are willing to
go so far to please her. And that is
never a bad thing.
Whatever fi lm you choose, just
know that you can’t go wrong with
a romance rental this season. Not
only is it a cheap date, but it’s sure
to win you bonus points with the
love of your life.
Editors Note: The author
acknowledges the fact that every
human is a unique individual and
that every guy out there is not
opposed to romantic fi lms and
every gal out there is not a fan
of the genre either. This article
just addresses the majority of the
populace who do fall into those