A&E Briefs

Spiritual festival aims to relax and open ‘Last Chance Harvey’ not light fare
the minds of visitors
There is no better way to unwind from the stress that comes with a new
semester than going to a festival that’s all about the spiritual things of life.
The 9th annual Alaska Whole Life Festival will include a lecture form Donna
Reis, an International Color Therapist, and many other activities celebrating
the spiritual and holistic side of life. The festival starts on Saturday, Jan.
24 and ends on Sunday, Jan. 25. Admission is $7 and free on Sunday with
Saturday’s ticket at the entrance. It takes place at the Coast International Inn,
so for those with a free weekend and a love for the spiritual arts, mark your
Strange comedic movie plays at the
Anchorage Museum
The Anchorage Museum will be airing a strange, yet intriguing film for
viewers on the weekend of Jan. 24. “101 Reykjavik” claims to be a sex
comedy about a man who impregnates his mother’s lesbian lover. Yes, the
movie does sound weird and like a potential disaster, but it also begs to
be watched with that summary right there. The Anchorage Museum claims
to “showcase the best in contemporary and classic world cinema” so it is
certainly worth a shot. The show is only $6 to attend.
“Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
escapes to Out North
No, this is not the book everyone had to read in their third year of high
school. This is a different look on it in play format. The one-woman show
stars Kristina Wong as she performs a funny and twisted play to send a
message about the mental health challenges in Asian American women. It
is only showing for a limited time from Jan. 23 to Jan. 25 at the Out North
Contemporary Art House. More information can be found at www.outnorth.org.
Rapper and crew stop bomb threat and
save lives
Two weeks ago, when a man stood up on a flight to Los Angeles and
declared he had a bomb to the passengers, they quickly managed to subdue
him with plastic ties.
According to an FBI press release, rapper Asher Roth and his band
members were aboard the plane. Roth’s guitarist first tackled the man. Roth
and other passengers then joined in.
Roth and his band are now officially the best rap group out there for being
real heros and not just writing about them.