Academic credit for athletic-based classes

With the end of spring semester inching closer, it is time to start planning for fall of 2018. Open registration begins on April 16, and students will be scrambling to fill in the gaps of their schedules.

With many degrees requiring GER’s or electives to meet credit requirements, choosing extra classes may seem like a daunting task, but with even a minor interest in athletics, a whole new door is opened.

Originating almost strictly from the Physical Education and Recreation Department, there are numerous athletic classes available for all students to take.

Included in those are 22 different options of athletic based course to choose from that have no prerequisites.

The 100-level classes include a broad range of activities. While there are several basic, introductory courses, there is also a large variety of specific options to choose from. Some include courses involving strength training, others focusing on cardiovascular activities, and even some to get students to engage in outdoor activities.

As for the more general. courses, options are Fitness for Life and Fitness Cross Training

Other cardiovascular-type courses include Aerobic Walking, Aerobic Kickboxing, Circuit Training, Beginning Zumba, Beginning Swimming.

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Strength based courses provide a variety of options to engage in, such as Beginning Pilates, Beginning Yoga, Yoga For Athletes, Shape Up With Weights and Beginning Weight Training.

Utilizing the outdoors for athletic purposes and academic credit is also an aim of several PER courses, including Beginning River Rafting, Beginning Sea Kayaking, Backpack Alaska and Crevasse Rescue Techniques.

In addition to those, several classes are often that don’t exactly fit in a specific category. Included is: Beginning Tai Chi, Beginning Hockey, Beginning Rock Climbing, Beginning Indoor Sport Climbing, Introduction to Boxing and Pickleball.

The majority of these classes are one or two credit offerings; they make the perfect addition to a busy schedule or alternative to going to the gym.

To learn more about the specific course details, visit UA Online’s class search and look under the “Physical Education and Recreation Category.”