A wildly unique concert

A musical trio and a UAA professor will perform in Anchorage for the last of their weekend tour.

Wild Shore New Music’s trio and UAA guitar professor Armin Abdihodzic will be collaborating to perform one of the first concerts of the semester being held in the Fine Arts Building on campus for one night, Sunday, Sep. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Wild Shore’s trio consists of a flutist, violinist and pianist made up by members Katie Cox, Andie Springer and Conrad Winslow. All three musicians are co-founders of Wild Shore and are all originally from Alaska: Springer and Cox from Fairbanks and Winslow from Homer.

They will be playing a show in Homer, at the Bunnell Street Arts Center on Sep. 21, then traveling to Kenai to play at Kenai Fine Arts Center for Sep. 22’s show, then to Anchorage for their last stop.

The music played is also from modern, living composers and there is a certain uniqueness to the pieces.

“I think going to these concerts will be a really unique opportunity to hear these pieces; probably a lot of people will hear them for the first time,” Abdihodzic said. “All the pieces in the concert have sort of a unified theme in that they either talk about a certain piece or place, so they have that sort of theme going through it,” Abdihodzic said. “Each one has a certain hint or aiming for a certain place.”

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Wild Shore New Music was founded in 2013 with the hopes of performing new, classical music to Southcentral Alaska. All three of the musicians left home in Alaska to pursue music after high school and each found their way over to New York City.

Their press release notes their success in their collaborations. “Big” projects with other collaborators are in the beginning works for 2019 and 2020.

“We started Wild Shore to return home. Although we are based in New York, we will always feel an irrepressible draw to our home state. It was that shared feeling which brought us together and made Wild Shore a natural initiative for us,” Winslow wrote in an email.

The free concert will take place in the concert hall in the Fine Arts Building, room 150.