Zumba can take your workout to a new level

For years, society has been attracted to health crazes, from diets to workout regiments. We have seen step aerobics, kick boxing, yoga, pilaties, yogolaties, and now Zumba. Each one of these workout routines is still used, but zumba is the current trend.

Zumba, is a latin inspired dance fitness class that carries inspiration from international music and rhythms. “Zumba is really really fun and it is easy to follow. Basically anybody, with or without, dance experience can come into class and have fun.” Long time dance instructor Aksana Danilava said.

The saying,” everyones doing it”, isn’t just a saying, in the case of Zumba it is fact.

You can sign up for classes at The Alaska Dance Studio, The Alaska Club, Body Renew, and many more. On March 28 and 29, Teresa Mata, had two successful free classes at UAA.

“We had 30 to 40 people both nights of Zumba class,” Mata said. “We don’t have anymore scheduled, but I am definitely down for another class, we just need to make it happen.”

The fad hit hard about a year and a half ago, according to Danilava, who teaches belly dancing as well.

“I heard about Zumba from two friends, very good friends, who I met because they took my belly dancing class. They were like you should get certified in Zumba this is totally cool and you are a perfect instructor!” Danilava said.

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This life long dancer, had never heard of the program though, so she Youtubed it. “ I saw the video’s and I was like YES, YES, YES, this is me.”

The program doesn’t discriminate on race age or gender. Zumba, has began to attract more men and is  a popular outlet for couples as well, according to Danilava.

Don’t feel to old or to young to join the party either, “ I have seen everyone from teenagers, to a 70 year old women, in the classes I have taken.” Zumba participant Lela Fleetwood said, “Our instructor I know, has even taught little kids.”

Getting started is the simplest part of the process, just drop by and sign up, for Fleetwood the process was even simpler, “The class at Body Renew wasn’t full so the instructor went around the gym asking if any of us wanted to join and we did and really liked it.”

At Body Renew your first class is free. At the Alaska Dance theater drop in’s are 12 dollars, but free classes are frequently offered around town.

“The Alaska Dance Theater is the most expensive place in town to Zumba, but it is the Alaska Dance Theater and they have high standards.” Danilava said.

The fun and easy steps pay off in the future, the more you go to class and get comfortable with the steps the more of a workout the program becomes, both Danalava and Fleetwood, both mentioned.

The easy to follow, fun and party of a workout program has showed productive and doable for all ages, sex and genders. All you need is a good set of workout shoes and dedication.