Advice from UA President Pat Gamble

UA President Pat Gamble has some ideas for us to bear in mind:Pat Gamble

  1. Take your college education seriously … it is the major portal to the rest of your life.
  2. Forget high school. This is the real world and it needs your undivided attention. Your high school lifestyle is over … let it go right now.
  3. You can do it. Tens and tens of thousands of college graduates who were just like you are the living proof.
  4. Rule No. 1:  Attend class without fail as if your future life depended on it … because it does.
  5. Learn how to tolerate and respect others, how to appreciate what they bring to your own personal growth. You are now in the real world where it’s not about what you want.
  6. Slow down. Think a lot … it’s a great way to open your mind by closing your mouth.
  7. Thoroughly understand the meaning of the word “consequences.” It’s the hard-nosed companion to the words “responsibility” and “choices.” The three are never far apart.
  8. Don’t try to go it alone. You will have ups and downs. Share them all liberally with family, friends. This university is here for your success, and we will be with you every step you take.
  9. You are finally a college student. Love it. Have a great time. You will be making lifelong friends. You will remember these great days after you graduate for the rest of your life. Make them count.