Weather paralyzes campus

Freezing rain led to the closure of UAA’s main campus in Anchorage on Nov. 22 and Dec. 5. In addition, bus services had been canceled, leaving many students stranded.

“By the time they closed, many of us were still on campus, and the buses were canceled,” said Veronika Spry, a student. “It was a big inconvenience.”

On both occasions, plenty of students were left stranded without a ride. Many were able to contact others in order to get home, but for others, it was a slippery mess of a situation.

The National Weather Service had placed weather advisories on both occasions, and many predicted closures. Still, that didn’t stop students and staff from showing up to campus regardless, even as it closed afterward.

“They waited too long on Thursday to actually close the school,” said Paul Durfee, another student. “I almost got into two car accidents going and coming home from school that day because of the road conditions. It would have been preferable to just have school cancelled from the outset.”

While some criticized the decision to close campus mid-day, the UA Alerts system was ever vigilant, letting students know when campus was closed or open in order to avoid confusion.

For many, however, the weather made transit in and around UAA a complete nightmare, and in the face of finals week, many remain skeptical regarding future closures before the holiday vacation kicks in.


Written by George Hyde

Gaming fanatic, brain-slug enthusiast, and collegiate reporter. Man, that's a mouthful.