Committee attempts to bring outdoor recreation back to UAA

In spring 2012 the Northern Light mourned the loss after seven years of the UAA Housing & Recreation Activities program in an editorial chastising the university’s budgetary reasoning.

Now a group of students and faculty is hoping to bring back outdoor opportunities — not only to students who live on campus but to everyone at UAA. This time around the money would come from a student fee.

About a dozen students and one faculty member met Oct. 11 to share ideas on the types of things that might be possible with the fee. Professor of health, physical education and recreation T.J. Miller, a veteran of the previous program, was there to lend his expertise.

“I helped create it (the previous program) in Housing & Recreation Activities. It’s sort of a revival of that idea, but available to all students, staff and faculty,” Miller said.

One of the ideas is a shuttle bus to Alyeska resort for a day of skiing and snowboarding at a fraction of the cost. There is also mention of hosting lectures by outdoor experts.

USUAA Vice President Cassie West has designated the group as an ad-hoc committee, meaning they can now set to work drafting a bill to appear on the ballot for the spring 2014 UAA Student General Election.

The committee is relying on feedback to determine whether students would be willing to pay a fee, and if so, what types of activities they are most interested in. Students, staff and faculty are asked to take part in the short survey at


Written by Evan Erickson


  • To whomever made the survey alluded to in this article, your survey is strongly biased; it does not provide a way to choose “none” for those of us not interested in spending our hard earned cash on fees that benefit a faculty or two and his new friends, aka however few students (out of more than 14000) that happen to like the same activities as this faculty member and have time to blow on this while (not) learning anything at this supposed university.

    • Hey negative person: let us know who you are so we can address your dismay and take further insight form you on how you would like fees spent. I am assuming you know what all your fees are and what they go to. You must enjoy being anonymous and posting negative stuff. Man or woman up and come talk to us.

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