UPDATED: Hockey association sends out anti-Steve Cobb resolution

cobb Update: The UAA Hockey Alumni Association has now issued its own vote of no confidence in athletic director Steve Cobb.

The organization consists of over 300 former Seawolf hockey players. In the resolution – which can be found below – the group cites many “deficiencies” in Cobb’s leadership of the hockey program.

The alumni association believes “Cobb’s failed leadership and lack of professionalism has eroded all alumni relations” and takes issue with the lack of ice rink capabilities in the new sports complex.

The former players also claim “Cobb has shunned the UAA Hockey Alumni and hockey community during the hiring of the previous head hockey coach and is repeating the same in 2013.”

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Original Story: The Alaska State Hockey Association released a resolution Saturday – which can be read below – stating that it’s reached “an affirmative vote of no confidence in Dr. Steve Cobb as UAA’s athletic director.”

The ASHA is an affiliate chapter of USA Hockey, and represents more than 10,000 hockey players, coaches, and officials within the state.

The organization sent out the resolution to a wide variety of recipients, including Gov. Sean Parnell, UAA Chancellor Tom Case, and many other state and university figures.

Former head coach Dave Shyiak is not directly mentioned in the write-up. But it does note the “constant state of decline” that the program has been in, and states that the ASHA inquired about helping the athletic director and coaching staff, but was met with a
“callous indifference toward the greater Alaska hockey community.”

According to the resolution, “the community and the institution of the university” has been hurt by the years of losing seasons.

The ASHA sees hockey as the school’s flag ship sport, and doesn’t believe it is capable of excellence under the watch of Cobb.

As of now, there’s no telling what, if any, kind of impact this move will have.

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