‘That Takes Ovaries’: A tribute to strong women

OvariesForget “ballsy.” It takes ovaries to get gutsy.

The UAA Women’s Studies department is sponsoring the “That Takes Ovaries” open mic event in celebration of Women’s History month at 7:30 p.m. March 2 in the Student Union Den.

The book, “That Takes Ovaries”  is a collection of real-life stories from women and girls about the bold and courageous things they have done. All are invited to hear and share their own stories about empowered women, from playful to political.

“One year we had a 12-year-old girl and a woman in her 80s share stories, and we’ve definitely had men. So we really want to include everyone at the event,” Tara Lampert, adjunct professor for the Women’s Studies department, said.

Lampert shared an excerpt from “That Takes Ovaries” about a woman professor who attended a double-header men’s and women’s basketball game that former President Clinton happened to be at. After the men’s basketball game, Clinton got up to leave and the professor stopped him and encouraged him to stay for the women’s game. Clinton sat back down and watched the women’s game.

“This woman’s like, ‘Wow look at me, I just gave an order to the president of the United States,’” Lampert said.

Inspired, Stephanie Lockhart, one of Lampert’s students, decided to volunteer as emcee for the event.

“I want everyone to walk away with a sense of belonging and understanding that being female does not limit you,” Lockhart said.

Danny Ashton Earll, a student in Lampert’s feminist theory class, plans on sharing a personal and inspirational life story at the event.

“I am female-trans-male, so for me this is quite an opportunity to experience and really embrace the feminism aspect I didn’t realize about myself,” he said.

Earll expressed deep appreciation for the knowledge gained through taking women’s studies courses.

“I never embraced being a female when I was one, and now looking back, I really wish I would have done more as a female and embrace the fact that that’s how I was born and raised rather than being so upset about it,” he said.

“It would have been kind of nice to feel pretty. It would have been nice to have that kind of attention, to have that confidence as a woman that I have as a man,” Earll continued.

Participants who share stories will walk away with a free “golden ovary,” a gold foil-wrapped chocolate egg.

“That Takes Ovaries” is coupled with a grassroots movement for empowerment. Women and girls everywhere have inspiring stories to tell, so any woman anywhere can host a “That Takes Ovaries” open mic event in her community.

“We (women) are often not validated. The idea is that courage is contagious,” Lampert said. “‘That takes ovaries’ is a play on words for ‘that takes balls.’”

This event is free and open to the public. Donations are accepted for Identity, Inc. For more information, call Tara Lampert at 907-646-7892 or visit http://www.ThatTakesOvaries.org.

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