Cooking In College: Quinoa and kale patties an alternative to burger night

CIC_QuinoaKale_RecipeOnly in soccer did Greece and Ecuador have a binding history, until now. In the far reaches of rural Greece grew the vegetable Kale, and on the mountainsides of Ecuador grew the grain quinoa. The two cultures come together once again with the help of this recipe.

Kale is rightly considered a superfood. It’s packed full of calcium, lutein, iron, beta-carotene and vitamins A, C, and K.

Coupled with the protein rich quinoa, these patties are sure to please.

Be sure to rinse your kale and quinoa thoroughly. They are both treated with bitter tasting chemicals.


After a thorough bath, steam the kale and cook the quinoa in separate pans. This should take 6-8 minutes. If you have a steamer basket for the kale, use about a half-cup of water.

Keep a close eye on both. The two main ingredients can become mushy when overcooked.

While you’re waiting, slice the scallions and mincing the garlic. If pre-crushed breadcrumbs are unavailable, seasoned croutons can be crushed at this time as a substitute and put into a side bowl.

Once the quinoa and kale are done cooking, crack four eggs into a large bowl and whisk them. In that same bowl, mix the quinoa, kale, Parmesan cheese, onions, garlic, salt, breadcrumbs and olive oil until the mixture is thick and easily moldable.

Photos by Jacob Holley-Kline

Photos by Jacob Holley-Kline

Pour a little olive oil in a pan and cook up to six patties at once. Wait 6-8 minutes for one side of the patty to cook, and then flip it. Cook until golden brown and serve with or without a bun.

Within minutes, you’ll have the countryside of Greece and the mountains of Ecuador together on your plate. Be sure to cook on an empty stomach and voracious appetite. Enjoy!

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