Career fair, Green Fee Board on USUAA docket

Students looking for work have the opportunity to meet with at least 19 employers hiring people for summer, part- time and full-time jobs.

Stephanie Whaley, internship and experiential learning coordinator at the University Center, said a career fair is scheduled to take place Feb. 14 and invited students and college graduates seeking employment to attend.

During the Feb. 8 Union of Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage meeting, she also urged students to wear business attire and bring resumes to the fair.

“Most of the employers show up by 8 a.m. Go-getters show up at 7:30 a.m.,” Whaley said.

The fair is from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Students interested in volunteering at the fair can be part of the “career crew,” helping set up tables and offering other assistance throughout the day.

Whaley said most people on the career crew were offered jobs last year because volunteer work displays the kind of ambition most employers seek in new hires.

For more information, call UAA Career Services Center at 907-786-4513.

In other news, Senator Max Bullock said the Student Academic Affairs Committee met with Bruce Schultz, vice chan- cellor of student academic affairs, last week.

According to Bullock, Schultz discussed the Stay on Track program.

Several survey questions for a future survey were drafted regarding the program.

Some of the questions asked about what inhibits people from staying on their graduation path; and what are people’s best and worst UAA experiences.

Senator Johnnie Templeton of the Sustainability Commit- tee said he is planning many student events for March and April.

“We’re working on a band as well,” Templeton said.

The Greek Council Representative, congratulated Bullock and Senator Mabil “Mo” Duir on their second presen- tation to the Greek Council in attempts to receive recognition as a temporary UAA fraternity. Duir reported on behalf of the Board of Cultural Awareness.

He said the diversity action council wants to have an April meeting for student leaders, but no details are available yet.

Templeton said travel board applications are due soon.

Any student or organization seeking a travel grant from UAA must have their applications turned in by Feb. 15.

Vice President Andrew McConnell said the Green Fee Board is reviewing 10 applicants for a green fee assistant. He said no one is officially hired yet and the position is open until filled. He said those interested in the position can apply at There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5.

Senator Andrew Lessig said the General Education Review Assessment Board meets this week.

It’s the last of the board’s sessions assessing other college’s general education stan- dards.

Following this week, they will determine how other schools’ standards can modify UAA’s general education requirements.

With a unanimous 12-0 vote, Lessig was appointed to UAA Assembly.

A new change implemented this semester is the livestreaming of USUAA meetings.

The stream can found on the USUAA Facebook page.

McConnell suggested a possible five or 10 year USUAA Master Plan to give direction to future members.

USUAA has a very high turnover rate and he believes this may be a progressive step toward bettering USUAA for future students.

Written by Keldon Irwin

I am a psychology major at UAA with the eventual goal of acquiring a Ph.D in psychology or becoming a psychiatrist. I should graduate with a B.S. in psychology in '16. While I do have a passion for news and a particular passion for writing, I do not see a career for myself with news in the future - so I do this for fun and extra spending money. I am a liiiiiitle bit of a music nut and my record collection most definitely shows that. I moved to Alaska from California in December '11 and fell in love with it here. Being born here in '94 and leaving as early as '95, I've always wanted to come back. UAA is an extreme step up from the community college that I previously attended and I am very content here.