UAA hosts Healthy Sexuality Week Feb. 7-13

Kinky, routine, awkward or pleasurable — people use all sorts of words to describe their sex lives. But when was the last time you heard someone other than a health professional use the description “healthy”?

The Student Health and Counseling Center will host Healthy Sexuality week from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13. The center has a schedule packed with events like “Sexy Jeopardy,” a game where students can compete for prizes such as gift cards to local restaurants and movies. The SHCC will also offer free STI screenings to students eligible for services on Feb. 8, “Know Your Status” day.

“It isn’t all about sex,” Betty Bang, UAA family nurse practitioner, said. There will be a Healthy Sexuality fair with booths of campus and local organizations. Some booths will be about tattoos and piercing, healthy body image and healthy relationships.

On “Safe Sex Valentine” day, Feb. 14, students can make free valentines for a friend, loved one or themselves.

“Savage Love Live,” sponsored by Student Activities, will be at the Wendy Williamson auditorium, where sex columnist Dan Savage will boldly answer questions about sex and relationships.

“‘Dear Abby in an extreme sense’ is the best way to describe it (“Savage Love”),” Daphne Brashear, Student Activities program coordinator, said.

“People know him as a sex columnist, but he is much more than that,” Mike McCormick, assistant director of Student Activities, said. “He has given incredible information on living stronger more fulfilling lives.”

Healthy Sexuality week has garnered much positive feedback through the years. Bang said 150 students participated in the free STI screenings offered on campus last year.

Every now and then, there are people who feel uncomfortable about open discussion. Bang said when the center held the “I Love Female Orgasms” discussion, there was a man who was very irate about it.

“He said that the discussion should be between a priest and a couple,” Bang said. “And I said, orgasm doesn’t have to involve intercourse.”

Bang said that during a discussion she held with students, most of them felt they did not have adequate sex education in their adult lives, apart from the curriculum taught in high schools. She described Healthy Sexuality week as “fun education.”

“We want people to have correct information,” Bang continued, “because incorrect information is what kills.”

For more information on specific events and schedules during Healthy Sexuality week, call the SHCC at 907-786-4040.

Written by Nita Mauigoa

Aloha! I am the Features editor here at the Northern Light. I come from the sultry sands of Hawaii and I was raised in ice-ridden Anchorage. I have heaps of family and friends in town that I grew up with. There is always a function or party and I am never bored. I am a senior pursuing my BA in Journalism/Communications with a minor in Business Administration. I have not declared which path to take after graduation as I live day by day. My favorite piece I've written was for True North magazine, skimming the subject of contemporary versus traditional Polynesian tattoo. I am like a restless nomad always moving and traveling. My favorite excursions include Boston, New York, Florida and several Pacific Islands. If you see me off campus, I am never alone.