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Parking Services requests new fee increase

At the Union of Students at University of Alaska Anchorage meeting Nov. 16, Glenna Muncy, director of UAA parking services, shared a presentation explaining the request for an increase in parking services fees.

In fall of 2009, a $10 per semester parking services fee was implemented.

However, parking services is now requesting that the 2014 budget increases that fee to $13 per semester to cover general expenditure increases brought with new students.

According to Muncy, Parking Services does not wish to raise their prices for the Pay-n-Park or parking permits because they are already comparable to city parking fees.

Parking Services’ revenues breakdown as follows: Permits account for 68 percent, Meters/Pay-n-Park account for 12 percent, parking citations account for 11 percent and the $10 per semester transportation fee charged to all students accounts for nine percent of Parking Pervices’ total budget.

Muncy said that the increase is projected to be enough to sustain services already offered for four years.

She also said the department wants to install additional parking meters in the next few years to increase convenience for the UAA community and to competently spread the meters across developing areas of the campus.

Another reason for the requested increase is that the new parking garage near the engineering building will attract more cars and drivers to patrol.

“We are expecting additional services as UAA continues to grow,” Muncy said.

If the fee is not implemented, decreased services and the elimination of programs may ensue. While no particular cuts are projected, services would be cut or eradicated to meet fund requirements.

The Seawolf Shuttle could also be forced to offer fewer services for students, which could be enacted through fewer hours or limited routes.

Parking Services recently received their first data set from the People Mover’s Wolfcard swipe system. From July to October, People Mover offered 63,876 rides to 2,294 different Wolfcards.

Muncy said the buses offered services to at least 1,718 students because there are only 576 total faculty members at UAA.

Muncy also updated the union about the Hertz On Demand program, which offers two on-campus cars to be rented by students.

Hertz considers 30 percent usage to be full-time use of these on-campus cars. While month-to-month usage varies, October’s usage was 27 percent.

He said that if Hertz sees that the program is being used well, they could allot a third or fourth car.

In other news, mechanical engineering freshman Joseph McGlaughlin spoke out in the USUAA meeting sharing that he would like to see more cameras in heavily populated areas around campus.

He explained that a student belligerently damaged his car at the crosswalk at UAA Drive because the student felt that he had not stopped to let the individual cross. He claims that he was nearly through the crosswalk when the student neared. His call to the police did not yield results because there were no cameras to confirm the situation.

Written by Keldon Irwin

I am a psychology major at UAA with the eventual goal of acquiring a Ph.D in psychology or becoming a psychiatrist. I should graduate with a B.S. in psychology in '16. While I do have a passion for news and a particular passion for writing, I do not see a career for myself with news in the future - so I do this for fun and extra spending money. I am a liiiiiitle bit of a music nut and my record collection most definitely shows that. I moved to Alaska from California in December '11 and fell in love with it here. Being born here in '94 and leaving as early as '95, I've always wanted to come back. UAA is an extreme step up from the community college that I previously attended and I am very content here.