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Not all cocktails a slam dunk

When hosting a game day gathering, there’s nothing more important than food and beverage choices. For those over the age of 21, “beverages” usually means beer.

But for those who aren’t fond of beer, cocktails are also acceptable.

The Slam Dunk cocktail is a basketball-themed drink that may be too fruity for some but just sweet enough for others.

The original recipe calls for five ounces of cranberry juice, four ounces of orange juice and one and a half ounces of Southern Comfort (which can be found in the whiskey aisle). But since the mixed drink looked so ugly with its brownish coloring, I threw in two extra shots of orange juice, attempting to lighten the color to something remotely orange. It didn’t work too well, but it was worth a shot.

The nose is completely void of any alcohol indicative scents, offering up only an overall scent of an orange mixture with no cranberry at all. The tip of the cocktail, stirred in a tall glass, is sweet and tangy, and the cranberry makes a more pronounced appearance. It is nearly impossible to taste the Southern Comfort itself, but it is obvious that something alcoholic is mixed in. As the sip rolls back on the tongue, the fruity flavor melts away, leaving a warm, weighty, indescribable something in its place.

By the third sip, there’s no doubt that the drink contains alcohol. The Southern Comfort is smooth enough to make that alcoholic hint difficult to pin down, and that’s disappointing. Tasting and being able to identify the liquor involved is part of the fun of a cocktail. If it just tastes spiked, it’s almost childish and pointless.

While the Slam Dunk itself is fruity and tasty, it’s not a very good game day drink. The only unique thing about it is its name, but the quality of the beverage doesn’t live up to it.

Drink: Slam Dunk Cocktail

Ingredients: cranberry juice, orange juice, Southern Comfort

Rating: 3/4

Written by Heather Hamilton

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