‘Hotline Miami’ is a hot hit hotlinemiami Full view

‘Hotline Miami’ is a hot hit

In every generation, a little-known project is released and becomes something truly special. “Hotline Miami” is that game.

There is never a certain moment in the game. A series of mysterious phone calls drive the player to kill, but the motivation is unclear.

The closest game relative “Miami” has is “Eternal Darkness,” a survival-horror title for Nintendo GameCube, which utilizes a sanity meter that drains with each traumatic event, but “Miami” has no sanity meter or any form of sanity at all. Your character’s bloodlust is sated by any means. Reality and fantasy bleed into one another.

The game world is unforgiving, brutal and terrifying. All mistakes made are grave, and it only takes one bullet or hit to end your run.

But the sheer satisfaction of planning and executing attacks will keep players coming back for more.

The visual style is unmistakable. Designed on a low budget by Jonatan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin of Dennaton Games, “Miami” is an ultraviolent 8-bit shooter.

“Miami” blends 1980’s popular culture with the menace of 70’s grindhouse. Despite the seemingly innocuous design, the violence is shocking.

The soundtrack is incredible. Each scene is punctuated by a perfect track, and the songs range from catchy to harrowing.

The player has an extremely varied collection of weapons to choose from. A series of rubber animal masks are worn by the playable character and, depending on which you choose, a special attribute is attained.

Through this, even the player is masked to the character’s true identity.

“Hotline Miami” is a strong, ultraviolent entry into the indie game canon. It deserves a spot amongst the best — and that’s certainly something worth paying 10 dollars for.

Game: Hotline Miami

Developer: Dennaton Games

Genre: Top Down Shooter

Platform: PC

Rating: 4/5

Hotline Miami” is available now on Steam at

Written by Jacob Holley-Kline