Students attempt to start a UAA football team

Refusing to be disheartened by news that a UAA football team is financially infeasible, a group of eight students have collaborated to start a co-ed intramural football team. While the team is unrecognized by the university thus far, they are making lengthy strides toward becoming an official team.

They are pleasantly surprised with the interest and support their cause is receiving from UAA students and faculty members.

Political science sophomore Mabil “Mo” Duir and business management sophomore Max Bullock purchased a used football for $2 and spent three hours on campus asking those who say they would play football for a UAA team to sign the ball. After that short window of time, the ball was crowded with 78 signatures.

Duir and Bullock also set up a table in front of the USUAA office in the Student Union and asked for donations to kick-start the movement. They displayed the Oct. 23 release of The Northern Light where Athletic Director Steve Cobb is quoted saying, “Adding football would cost $6 million.”

Using this quote as a reference, they began asking for one dollar at a time.

“In two hours we raised $87, asking broke college students to help our cause,” Bullock said.

“A $6 million project started with $2,” Duir said.

Duir played four years of varsity football in high school, primarily as a safety. In lieu of accepting a football scholarship to Jackson State University, he chose to attend UAA to be closer to his family.

While discussing the future of the team, Duir said he is willing to start playing football as a Seawolf as soon as he can.

When asked if the group is seeking funding from other sources, Bullock smiled and replied, “We’re seeking $6 million from corporate sponsors.”

While it is a nationwide team and not an intramural football team that would cost $6 million, Bullock’s response shows the lofty goals shared between these eight companions.

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