Discover “The Bright Side” of this summer with Meiko Album Full view

Discover “The Bright Side” of this summer with Meiko

“The Bright Side” is one of those little gems that make you smile whenever you listen to it. Meiko’s sophomore album (which is also her first with Fantasy Records) is a sweet breath of fresh air and feels like a summer breeze to the ear.

Singer/songwriter Meiko is based out of LA, but was born in Georgia. She started singing when she was eight, and she started writing her own songs and playing the guitar before she was thirteen. She has always played one Gibson or another, and currently plays on a Gibson B-25. Meiko released her first album (self-titled “Meiko”) in 2008, with many of its songs later featured on various television shows, including “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Kyle XY,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “90210” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Meiko’s music has always been chill, and “The Bright Side” is no different. Meiko does her art a favor, however, by making the songs in the tracklisting more cohesive than those on her first album. Instead of sounding like a group of randomly selected songs (good as they are), “The Bright Side” features a measure of unity and solidarity, with just enough variation in the lineup to keep you interested.

Because of the laid-back nature of the music, it is a great background album. Hosting a barbecue? Going on a picnic? Want to listen to something while cleaning the house? “The Bright Side” is the perfect album to turn on and absently enjoy. Hit repeat, and the music will seamlessly serenade you for hours.

And this is the only flaw of the album; it’s too passive. Unless you listen closely to it, you sometimes lose the opportunity to appreciate the lyrics and stories of each song. “Good Looking Loser” is about getting hurt by a guy and, after wallowing for a bit, finding the inner strength to realize that you’re worth more than that. The album opener “Stuck On You” is fun, upbeat and all about being so in love with someone that you just know that you’ll have fun with them “not just for one night, but for the rest of my life.”

“The Bright Side” is a beautiful and fun album—give it a chance. Play it at a mellow house party or a peaceful drive, but don’t give in to the temptation to let it fade completely into the background. Enjoy it; it’s worth it.

Written by Heather Hamilton

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