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Dr. Mac mentholmint schnapps a dangerously smooth treat

Dr. McGillicuddy’s (“Dr. Mac” for short) quite possibly makes the finest schnapps there is, and their mentholmint flavor is possibly the best in their brand — if you like mentholmint.

Mixing this liquor with other components is almost a crime; the good Dr. Mac makes for a great shot, as well as a fine drink to sip on over an extended period of time.

The first thing you’ll notice about the drink is its strong minty scent; it pulls no punches and delights in being bold. This quality carries over into the taste as well — the tip is incredibly weighted and smooth, as well as unabashedly strong. It isn’t an “alcohol” sort of strong though, just a minty one. It also tastes cold and fresh, even when the liquor is room temperature (cold is better, however). Continuing down the line, Dr. Mac remains consistent throughout, not acquiring any bitterness as many other types of liquor do when they hit certain parts of the tongue. Even its aftertaste is completely devoid of such annoyances, and it almost leaves the drinker with a feeling of freshened breath.

Dr. Mac isn’t a harsh liquor in any sense, other than the fact that it is easy to get carried away with. Drink it responsibly and in small amounts, no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise.

Written by Heather Hamilton

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