SU gallery shows art uncensored 1_CMYK_2d - ‘Expulsion’ by Devry Birdsell is a piece done in. ink, colored pencil, prismacolor marker and graphite. Photo by Krystal Garrison Full view

SU gallery shows art uncensored

‘Expulsion’ by Devry Birdsell is a piece done in. ink, colored pencil, prismacolor marker and graphite. Photo by Krystal Garrison

When it comes to “art” pretty much anything goes. The word “art” refers to a broad spectrum of mediums and interpretations, the work displayed within the “2D invitational” at the Student Union Gallery March 28th through April 12th, is no exception.

“Well my first impression was the sign that said, “Warning, this exhibit contains explicit materials,” said JPC major Russell Porsley. “So I went in and I expected nudity, but it seemed like a very wide variety of pieces. I really liked the intermediate woven fibers; the scarves were really neat.”

The Student Union gallery (located in the upstairs of the SU) is a small gallery funded by student fees and dedicated to promoting student work.

“We are a part of student activities. Student fees basically fund us; we stress that fact because we are here to serve the students,” said gallery manager Philip Obermarck.

The SU gallery hosts a number of shows each year, the current 2D is the second of three “invitational shows” that the gallery hosts each year.

“This is an invitational, so all of the professors have to invite students to participate; Gary Mealor is the watercolor professor and asked me if I would put this piece [“Amaris”] in,” said featured artist Shelly J. Giraldo.
The selection process for SU gallery shows happens a year earlier than the premiere dates, in fact the board is currently entering its selection process now.

“We basically put out a call for exhibitions and people who want to put on a show submit proposals,” said Obermarck.

During the March, April and May period the board sifts through the proposals that are submitted and choose which one’s will be featured in the next year’s schedule. This is done with the assistance of Mike McCormic (head of student life and leadership) and the faculty advisory board, which consists of a number of art professors who guide the gallery from behind the scenes.

“The invitational shows that we do; the 3D invitational, the 2D invitational and then the “Foundations” show that we do, that work is all selected by the professors, they are able to chose one student, per class, per semester,” said Obermarck. “Each teacher essentially chooses two students for each class that they teach. We have intermediate drawing and advanced drawing, individual research drawing; each one of those classes could potentially have two different submissions.”
The 2D show this year is featuring a grand total of 34 entries submitted by 30 different artists using a wide variety of mediums such as Computer art, illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting, printmaking photography and more.
“I did it [“Amaris”] in advanced watercolor class,” said Giraldo. “It has watercolor, graphite, and colored pencil.”

And as for the “graphic content” this exhibit does indeed feature a fair amount of nudity.

“We are not in the business of censoring artwork,” said Obermarck. “We will warn the public that there may be things that people find offensive but as artists, our job is to express ourselves in the ways that we feel are “appropriate” and many times that is not what the public feels is appropriate.”

Written by Nicole Luchaco

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