Red Stag and Cola, a match made in heaven

Red Stag Black Cherry by Jim Beam is a beautiful bourbon, and it’s even better when mixed with some kind of cola.

Stag & Cola is a simple cocktail with a nice bite. Fill half a glass with ice, pour in two shots of the Stag and top it off with the cola of your choice (Coke, for some reason, is much better in this than Pepsi however).

The cocktail’s aroma reeks of the bourbon, but not in a bad way. It mixes well with the cola, and is seemingly amplified by it. The tip is sweet for all of half a second before the carbonated mix assaults your tongue; it’s both bitter and not at the same time. Despite the ice, the drink also leaves a slight warming sensation on the tongue that increases marginally as you continue to imbibe the cocktail. The slight burning of the cola’s carbonation only adds to this.

Because of the strong sensations, Stag & Cola is best sipped, much like straight bourbon should be. The warming sensation is more pleasant and mild this way, and makes for an enjoyable drink. Don’t forget to drink some water afterwards though; Stag & Cola is strong enough to leave you tipsy if you aren’t careful.

Written by Heather Hamilton

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