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Wrap your mind around a spooky shot

It’s not Halloween without harvest-themed edibles. Candy corn, baked pumpkin seeds and bite-sized candy bars are a staple for the season. For the over 21 crowd, so are themed alcoholic beverages.

The Brain Hemorrhage is a shot served in a small glass that is best imbibed immediately. It is an interesting mixture of peach schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream and grenadine. To make the shot, pour a little over an ounce of peach schnapps into a small glass. Then, slowly pour just a little of the Bailey’s into the center of the glass; enough to form a distorted cloud that will appear suspended in the schnapps. Pour just a little of the grenadine into the side of the glass, next to the cloud, and let it settle to the bottom of the glass. The appearance will be similar to that of a, well, brain hemorrhage.

The shot must be consumed quickly. The reason the Baileys appears suspended in the glass, is because it is curdled by the schnapps. The texture of curdled milk or cream is never pleasant, and takes away from the shot’s overall taste and experience if allowed to sit for any length of time.

The shot’s taste is mostly in hindsight, since it is downed so quickly. It is sweet because of both the grenadine and the schnapps, but, surprisingly, it’s the grenadine that you’ll taste first. However, the schnapps quickly overpowers it. If downed in the proper length of time (a few seconds), the Bailey’s will have little to no taste, since the schnapps masks it. This is a blessing.

As a drink in general, it’s very simple in taste and composition. What makes the Brain Hemorrhage special is the visual effect, which is quite superb, and elegant (in a macabre sort of way). Remember: drink it fast though, or you’ll be wishing for the reaper.

Rating: 4/5

Written by Heather Hamilton

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