Rum and Cola is a simple cocktail for summer get-togethers, but it’s even more enjoyable if a little grenadine is added in.

If you’re a fan of cherry cola, then Cherry Rum and Cola is for you; adding grenadine to plain cola and rum instead of purchasing pre-mixed cherry cola also allows for flavor control.

A basic recipe to follow is one and a half shots of spiced rum and half a shot of grenadine per 12 oz. of cola; the mix is strong enough to taste and feel, but not enough to get you more than a little buzzed.

The cherry taste is a bit muted with this recipe, adding a touch of sweetness rather than a definitive flavor to the mix. The cherry and the cola dilute the rum enough that it doesn’t overpower the beverage, but it’s still detectable through the slight after burn it leaves in the back of the throat and an easily detectable aftertaste.

Add more grenadine if you enjoy more of a cherry and/or sweet flavor, but keep in mind that it also makes it both harder to taste the rum, and easier to pour a few more drinks than you probably should.