‘God of War III’ an epic finale with great effects

“God of War III”
Santa Monica  Studio
Release Date: March 16, 2010

“God of War III” is a masterpiece. The opening scene will drop even the most jaded gamer’s jaw.

The player once more assumes the role of Kratos, the fallen God of War. While riding on a Titan’s back, he fights the gods themselves, starting with Poseidon. Those first ten minutes show rage and violence as never before seen in a video game.

From there, the story opens up in the traditional way with twists, turns and the ultimate revenge.
The story ends the way it logically had to, but the finale is no less powerful for it. The last scene will have players’ hands trembling with sweat and white-knuckled with adrenaline.

The graphics are photo realistic with the exception of the artsy shots, which are shockingly good. The fire that blazes from Kratos’ blades with each swing is random and realistic. Meanwhile, the water effects are the best in any game. Explosions are true to what one could expect from any Hollywood blockbuster. The blood spray looks real and so does the damage done to enemies.

The voice acting and sound is top-notch. Every titan speaks with a bass that rumbles in the very feet of the player. Footsteps sound differently depending on what is stepped on. And the sloshing of water and rain is truly amazing.

As for the gameplay itself, “GoW III” commonly requires backtracking, but the way it is presented will have the gamer wondering what unspeakable acts of violence will follow or what they will unlock. The most notable backtracking involves going back to Hades repeatedly to gain knowledge from Hephaestus, the grotesque and disfigured Forge Smith of the Gods.

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Nearly every puzzle is well done. Figuring out how to traverse Hera’s Garden is particularly satisfying. One section of the game, The Labyrinth, is the best puzzle ever done in an action game. The level requires the player to put together boxes suspended by chains to make on larger box. Afterward, traversing the massive cube is difficult and rewarding.

The main complaint is that sometimes the players’ eyes will glaze over due to the action overkill happening on screen and at the gruesome violence that is sometimes too much.

Overall, “GoW III” it is a package worthy of the Gods.