‘Bounty Hunter’ a mediocre romantic comedy

“The Bounty Hunter”
DIRECTOR: Andy Tennant
STARRING: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler
RUN TIME: 110 min.
GENRE: Mystery/Romance/Comedy

Sometimes all a viewer needs is a bit of light fluff and “The Bounty Hunter” fits that bill. It doesn’t intend to be an Oscar-winning drama or the most memorable romantic comedy ever written. It’s just meant to entertain.

As the title says, the movie is about a bounty hunter, Milo (Gerard Butler, “Law Abiding Citizen”), who is given the dream job of bringing in his ex-wife. This simple premise is quickly muddied by the fact that his ex-wife, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston, “Love Happens”), is a reporter hot on the trail of what she suspects is a murder story.

The movie is thus divided between comedy, romance and mystery in such a way that it fails to satisfy in any of those genres. It’s not a great romance, it’s not a great comedy and it’s not a great mystery. It’s a lukewarm pass at all three.

The film does have funny moments that will make the audience snigger. There’s the harried boss and his apathetic secretary who support Milo; the co-worker who insists he has a relationship with Nicole after one drunken make-out session at a staff Christmas party; and the thugs who try to recover a gambling debt from Milo and are easily duped as a running gag.

“Bounty Hunter” offers nothing that hasn’t been seen before. The writing isn’t fresh and the dialogue is only passable.

The acting by Butler and Aniston is similarly mediocre. Neither provides the best performance, especially given some of the better movies they’ve made.
“Bounty Hunter” as a whole is forgettable, but it’s at least a little entertaining.