‘American Tragedy’ rises from Hollywood’s grave

In the year and a half since Hollywood Undead’s last hybrid CD/DVD effort, they have grown up.  Most fans will think they lost their edge, but that isn’t the case; they just switched over to glam rock/rap. Now here is the funny part; they are telling stories.

Case in point, “Bullet” is all about leaping off a building and putting a bullet in the narrator’s head. The beat is a mix of pop and acoustic guitars; it fits the tone and the theme of the album – teenage angst mixed with suicide and dark thoughts. Chillingly, one of the verses is even sung by a child.

The album tells a story about random people dealing with their issues, but is told with tongue and cheek dark humor.  The humor is in line with what fans will expect, and the way it fits in is typical of Hollywood Undead. There are even parts that have shades of horror rock, which layers the album more thematically, and gives it a more produced vibe. It loses the calculated, yet chaotic, edge of the previous records, but adds a layer of sheen. It’s a catch-22, and it works out well.

The album might alienate fans, but Hollywood Undead has matured and seemingly taken some music theory classes.